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This feels appropriate. CaoCaoPuff, Myself, Jada,
and Timmy boy doing the creep!

Posted by BrokenFreedom on Wednesday 15 May 2013 - 00:10:23 | Comments: 0  |  printer friendly create pdf of this news item
I've made a huge mistake
Hey guys, you know how before I said that advanced fleet gear uses requisitions? Well it doesn't.. all you need is fleet credits and dilithium, so feel free to buy as much as you want.

Because of the rate at which the fleet is advancing, there also seems to be a problem in which some members aren't even getting a chance to contribute before the projects fill. This is both a good and bad thing. It shows how fast we are advancing, but also starves some members of fleet credits

I would like to ask members with over 100k fleet credits to let other members have a shot. Please refrain from contributing fleet marks or expertise to the projects for a 10-12 hour window for each project. This will give lower leveled players a chance to contribute these resources which are easier to come across than say DoFFs or dilithium.

Also remember than if you have lots of fleet credits, you can spend them on DoFFs at the fleet starbase and then contribute those DoFFs back into the fleet projects. It's a lot cheaper than buying them off the exchange and faster than recruitment assignments.

Thank you

Posted by ZhugeLiang on Tuesday 07 May 2013 - 17:15:17 | Comments: 0  |  printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Where do we go from here
Hey all, from here on we have several things we can do to improve our fleet. I would like you all to choose what our focus should be for fleet advancement. Vote in the forum under the topic "Fleet Direction"

Posted by ZhugeLiang on Saturday 04 May 2013 - 14:14:08 | Comments: 0  |  printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Tier 1
Congrats. We currently in the process of upgrading our base facilities to tier 1. After we are finished with this upgrade, several new things will be available on the fleet base:

- Advanced Mk XII ground armor, shields, and weapons
- New fleet ship variants
- Fleet Patrol Escort
- Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel
- Fleet Heavy Cruiser
- Fleet Research Science Vessel
- You can purchase common quality (white) duty officers at the Fleet Starbase for fleet credits. This is a good way for new players to shore up their rosters. Or to get DoFFs to easily contribute to fleet projects.

Posted by ZhugeLiang on Friday 03 May 2013 - 04:56:01 | Comments: 0  |  printer friendly create pdf of this news item
Fleet Event
Well fleet, its time for our first pseudo event. Its time for us to expand and conquer. Well.. we're fed so peacefully expand.

Let me start again. Hey guys, well its time for us to peacefully expand and conquer in the name of peace... peacefully. From now until the release of LoR, we will be having a recruitment and leveling drive. Here's how it will work.

On your MAIN toon, from now until LoR, you will receive 20,000 EC every time you increase in level. It may not seem like too much, but trust me when I say it ends up quickly.

On a separate event, we will also be having a recruiting drive. Here's how it will work

- Every time you recruit a member and he stays for more than 5 days you'll receive a point. Send me an in game mail or PM when you recruit someone.

- Ambush invites are not allowed. You aren't allowed to just spam invites to fleetless people without talking to them first and making sure that they're actually looking to join a fleet and are interested in this one. I will be confirming this with the new recruits.

- Obviously you can't recruit your own alts either... seriously, that's just low.

- At the launch of LoR, I will tally the points and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will receive some pretty awesome prizes. I mean.. really awesome. Anyone who recruited at all will also receive a prize. Less awesome, but a prize nonetheless. Maybe a potato or something...

Well thats all for now. Remember to post your timezone and availability in the Timezones and Event Times thread so we can run some real events like fleet dogfights and manhunt.

Posted by BrokenFreedom on Wednesday 01 May 2013 - 21:19:54 | Comments: 0  |  printer friendly create pdf of this news item